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Vertical Fitness

Vertical FitnessWe at Vertical FitnessTM will be more than happy to discuss the various membership programs we offer, so please call 941.914.3444 to schedule your Intro to Pole Class. If after your Intro to Pole class you decide you want more of this fun, sexy, intense workout, we can help customize a program for you. We also host events such as Single Again, Bachelorette, Girls Night Out, and Team Building. Email us for details!

Month to Month Memberships   No Long Term Contracts

Platinum Princess / $99 mth
Diamond Diva / $89 mth
Fitness Queen / $79 mth


- All Pole & Fitness Classes



- INTRO TO POLE per week


- All Fitness Classes (No Pole)
8 Week Pole Level 8 Week Term : $279

These classes below are just a few of the classes offered at Vertical Fitness.
Please visit out schedule online at to view all classes.

Intro to Pole Dancing

Wondering what all the fuss and excitement is surrounding pole dancing?
This fun introductory class will give you a brief overview of Pole Dancing. It includes a full body warm up, some fun pole dancing basics, and a couple of simple spins that anyone can do… all incorporated into a short, simple choreographed routine. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and laughter to your heart. This is also your opportunity to become familiar with the beautiful private studio where you will be attending your future classes. Once you step into the world of Vertical Fitness™ you may find that you may never want to leave.

Pole Dancing Classes, Sarasota Florida Pole Dance Level 1 8 wks / 1 hr weekly class
Pole Dance 1 incorporates sensual and exotic dance moves, stretching, floor work, learning to walk around the pole, using momentum properly, hip movements, different grips on the pole, basic spins from the ground and static positions. At the end of this level a simple, sexy, easy to learn choreographed routine will help you show off all of your new moves.

This level is perfect for those of you that would like to achieve a solid and safe foundation of the basics and who have more than just a passing interest in pole dancing.
Pole Dancing Classes, Sarasota Florida Pole Dance Level 2 8 wks / 1 hr weekly class
* Pole Dance 1 is a pre-requisite
Builds on what you learned in Pole Dance 1. More floor work, basic spins and learning to control your momentum. Learn to “sit” on the pole from the ground. All spins and climbs are learned from the floor to ensure safety and success. More techniques to help improve balance, posture, flexibility and co-ordination are incorporated at this level. A choreographed routine at the end of this level will show how you have learned to transition smoothly between floor and pole moves.
Pole Dancing Classes, Sarasota Florida Pole Dance Level 3 8 wks / 1 hr weekly class
* Pole Dance 2 is a pre-requisite
Now that you are feeling sexier and more confident about your abilities, Pole Dance 3 will introduce you to intermediate spins, climbing the pole, more floor work, holding entire body weight off the ground, and basic inverts. Choreographed routines are still incorporated with an emphasis on transitions, flow and grace as you move from the pole to the floor and back again.

This level is perfect for those of you who wish to continue building strength, along with beautiful shoulders and killer abs.
Pole Dancing Classes, Sarasota Florida Pole Dance Level 4 8 wks / 1 hr weekly class
* Pole Dance 3 is a pre-requisite
Pole Dance 4 includes more intermediate pole work, more complex inverts, combination spins, inverted spins, and inverted body slide, introduction to floor handstands, and splits from the ground. This level encourages you to put together your own freestyle choreography to a song of your choice.

This level is ideal for those who wish to continue building the strength and endurance needed for the advanced levels.
Pole Dancing Classes, Sarasota Florida Pole Dance Level 5 8 wks / 1 hr weekly class
* Pole Dance 4 is a pre-requisite
Pole Dance 5 focuses on advanced pole techniques and builds on the moves from the previous levels. Advanced moves are introduced that will push your strength and flexibility to new heights. Handstands and elbow stands against the pole, advanced pole suspensions and inverts, shoulder mount and splits on the pole are learned.

For those who have completely fallen in love with pole dancing and are a daredevil at heart!
Pole Dancing Classes, Sarasota Florida Pole Dance Level 6 8 wks / 1 hr weekly class
* Pole Dance 5 is a pre-requisite
You’ve done it! You have ascended to the highest level of pole dancing. In this course you will learn extended holds, handstands with variations, handspring full layout to split, and superman combinations.

Invite your friends and family ladies, after completing this level you are guaranteed to amaze anyone.
Pole Fitness Class
This class is designed for those of you who do not wish to learn any dance routines. Pole Fitness will focus on strength building exercises for the pole and for every day life. Get ready for an intense full body workout including core strengthening moves. This is a great class to take in conjunction with all Pole Dance classes.
T-n-A (Tush and Abs) What were you thinking?
An intense class just focusing on the tush and abs. For the woman who wants to look as good walking out of the room as she does coming into it.
Flexibility Class
Have you ever wanted to do the splits - then this is the class for you. Regain the flexibility you once had or gain the flexibility you always wished you had! Keep your muscles long and lean for that sensual toned look. This class is a must for anyone wishing to progress through the various levels.
Cardio Tease
Cardio Tease is the hottest new fitness regimen that combines yoga and dance with a fun, frisky twist. More than just a workout, Striptease Aerobics teaches women to free their minds and embrace their own sexiness.
Zumba is a style of intense dance-aerobics workout with pulsating Latin music.
Creates balance in the body through developing both strength and flexibility. This is done through the performance of poses or postures, each of which has specific physical benefits.
TRX Suspension Training
TRX training harnesses your own body weight to create resistance while you train. Suspension training builds superior muscular balance, joint stability, mobility, and core strength helping you perform better in any sport. It also improves posture and prevents injuries.
Ballet Barre Fitness
Ballet dancers are known for their grace and their toned bodies. This workout is a combination of yoga, Pilates, ballet and sexy dance moves to give you the long lean lithe muscles of a dancer. Plus stretching that will increase flexibility from your back down to your toes!
Chair Dancing
Using the chair for resistance and support against your body weight, chair dancing is a fun way to stay in shape. You’ll also learn routines that can easily be practiced at home.
MTV Choreography
Learn all the hottest moves from today’s favorite music videos. A fun way to get your cardio workout while practicing routines you can use on the dance floor.
Sexy Pole Moves
Learn mini pole moves that your can later incorporate into your own dance routine. This class is designed as a drop-in class as opposed to a series.

These classes below are just a few of the classes offered at Vertical Fitness.
Please visit out schedule online at to view all classes.

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